The Hiking Hawk

The Hiking Hawk

On the snowy Jayawijaya Mountain, there lived a Hawk that had difficulty flying freely. The Hawk looks for an object that can make it survive on the snowy mountain. 
     In the end, the hawk got a spring which he put to his feet to help him fly to the top of the mountain. He continued to jump and fly until he reached the top of the mountain. People who saw the bird called it The Hiking Hawk. This bird have the iron will to survive.
See for yourself why The Hiking Hawk will be the best game ever created.


-Obstacles to avoid (Ice Bat, Shooting Yeti, Great Ufo and many more!

How to play:
-Push Right Arrow to move right
-Push Left Arrow to move left
-Tap your screen to shoot* 

-Always turn on your automatic update.
-This game is Absolutely addictive guys!
-Total level : 30 excluding practice stage